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Electric Tourniquets
With digital pressure display

The pressure regulation for our electric tourniquets with digital pressure display is handled by a microprocessor. The current cuff pressure and the elapsed usage time are displayed on a big, color-coded LED display. The battery pack back-up ensures perpetual preparedness even during power outages. The visual and acoustic alarm system goes off in case of pressure deviation, leakiness and low battery. Optionally, a printer can be hooked up via the integrated printer interface for the printing of patient protocols.


Tourniquet 6000

Lightweight device with compact design. 

  • bloodless field

Tourniquet 8000


  • bloodless field 

Tourniquet 9000


  • bloodless field
  • I.V. Regional Anaesthesia
  • bilateral surgery


These devices are available in 2 versions:

  • Table Unit with Carrying Handle
  • Table Unit with Carrying Handle, Stand and Basket


Digital Display

  • large colour coded LED display is easy to read
  • precise measuring shows actual cuff pressure

Battery Back-Up System

(not for model 6000)

  • long lasting Ni-MH battery

Alarm System

  • visual and audible alarm to detect leaks, pressure deviations and low battery voltage

Pressure Regulation

  • microprocessor controlled
  • fast cuff inflation and deflation
  • regulator knob allows very precise regulation
  • limits pressure to max. 600 mmHg

Built-In Data Port

(not for model 6000)

  • supports optional printer for patient report
  • reports cuff pressure adjustments and total elapsed cuff inflation time on a self-adhesive label

Automatic Timer

  • automatic reset and start after inflation
  • automatic stop after deflation with indication of elapsed inflation time
  • audible and visual signal every 30 minutes

Flush Button

  • to check for bleeding
  • for intermittent release of local anaesthetic after I.V. Regional Anaesthesia

Colour Coded Extension Hoses

  • detachable from the device (not for modell 6000)
  • with positive locking connectors (PLC)

Downloads and further information

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