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Cricothyrotomy set acc. to the scalpel technique

The ScalpelCric is a surgical set for cricothyrotomy according to the scalpel technique. The set has been developed to match the latest recommendations from the DAS (Difficult Airway Society) 2015 guidelines


Based on the simple description of ‘stab, twist, bougie, tube’, the ScalpelCric is meant to facilitate the execution of the scalpel technique.

1. Stab

2. Twist

3. Bougie

4. Tube

Ready to use

The set is packed in a specific sterile pouch with each component organised in the order of use. This reduces the risk of confusion at the critical time of the procedure. Each component is designed to enhance the safety and efficacy of the technique.

Set Content

1 Scalpel #10

2 14 Fr bougie (40 cm)

3 6.0 mm cuffed tube

4 Extension tubing

5 Syringe 10 ml

6 Necktape




  • 40 cm length to facilitate manipulation
  • Distance marks to help safe insertion
  • Low friction suface allows to easy tube railroad
  • Smooth rounded, angled tip prevents tracheal trauma
  • Unique material allows shaping of the bougie prior to insertion

6.0 mm cuffed tube

1 Adjustable flange

2 Thin walled, low pressure cuff

3 Smooth tip for ease of insertion 


Extension tubing with suction port enhances safety against aspiration.



Necktape with velcro grip to secure the cuffed tube


Training material

Non sterile ScalpelCric training set available. Ideal for use in combination with VBM Crico-Trainer.

Video ScalpelCric

The following video animation shows the use of the ScalpelCric.

Downloads and further information

Vimeo-Link:  ScalpelCric

  • Baker PA,Weller JM, Greenland KB, Riley RH, Merry AF. Education in airway management. Anaesthesia 2011; 66 (Suppl 2): 101–11
  • Difficult Airway Society 2015 guidelines for management of unanticipated difficult intubation in adults.

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