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Resuscitation Bags

Manual resuscitation bags are used primarily for resuscitation and manual ventilation. The VBM devices are equipped with an intake valve that has a built-in reservoir valve. They are available in single use and reusable version.


Silicone Resuscitation Bags, Reusable

  • Intake Valve includes Reservoir Valve
  • reusable up to 134° C
  • with barcode and serial number
  • available in 3 sizes (Adult, Child and Infant)

Silicone Resuscitator Set

Consisting of: Resuscitation Bag, Mask, Reservoir Bag and O2-Tubing

  • supplied in a rigid transparent carrying case
  • with PVC or Silicone Resuscitation Bags
  • available in 3 sizes (Adult, Child, Infant)

Silicone Respiration-Case

For a quick use in emergency situations. Case includes basic equipment like resuscitator, masks and Guedel airways. Ideal for hospitals, paramedics, dentists, industries, etc. Available in 3 sizes (Adult, Child, Infant). A Wall Fixation for Respiration Case is optionally available.

PVC Resuscitator Set

Consisting of: PVC Resuscitation Bag (40cmH2O pressure relief) and Face Mask, Reservoir Bag, O2-Tubing 200 cm and PEEP-Adapter

  • Valves are glued to the Resuscitation Bag, therefore completely disposable
  • available in 3 sizes (Adult, Child and Infant)

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