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Pelvic Sling
Pneumatic system for the stabilisation of pelvic fractures

The Pelvic Sling is a non-invasive, external pelvis stabiliser for compression and stabilisation of unstable pelvic fractures.


The inflatable cuffs exert a lateral pressure to the pelvis for external stabilisation of the pelvic ring to restore the anatomic conditions. Hemorrhage is reduced by reduction of the intra-pelvic volume.


Product properties

The Pelvic Sling with manometer and hand inflator, for single use, is available in 3 sizes.

Size Patient Hip circumference
S Junior 70 – 90 cm
M Standard 90 – 110 cm
L Large 110 – 140 cm

Pelvic Sling in situ

With slide splint used as knee fixation.

Ready to use

The Pelvic Sling is packed in a compact size bag. Pack size 42 (L) x 19 (W) x 7 (H) cm

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