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Manual suction Pump

An effective and efficient Manual Suction Pump for the quick suctioning of fluids in the mouth and nose region in emergency situations. Simple to use with maximal suction power.


Our Manual Suction Pump is always ready to go as it is independent from any power grid and is therefore an inexpensive alternative to electrical or foot operated devices. It is light, portable and easily fits inside common carrier bags.


Product Attributes

Manual Suction Pump with disposable collection canisters for adult and children. A valve prevents the backflow of fluids to the patient. The soft and atraumatic suction catheters are available in three sizes. The 15 mm I.D. connector enables connection of the accompanying suction catheter and also the connection of common, funnel-shaped suction catheters (via the accompanying catheter adapter).

Color Variations

Beside the blue version of the Manual Suction Pump, we also offer a olive green version.

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