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Laryngobloc® Oxford, Miller, Macintosh

The Laryngobloc® system is the ideal tool for laryngoscopy. The one piece polypropylene design provides excellent resistance to flex and torsion. The single use Laryngobloc® Handpiece eliminates the risk of cross contamination and reduces the cost of waste management.
The Handpieces are available in different sizes to match different indications.


A powerful LED light source enables clear visualisation of the pharyngeal structure.



The Laryngobloc® Handpieces are resistant to flex and torsion, fulfilling standards for metal laryngoscope blades (ISO 7376:2009).
The smart compound helps to reduce exposure to dental injury.


Single use blades carry the risk of transferring prions to handles during use. The completely disposable Laryngobloc® Handpieces with safety cap protect the Laryngobloc® Light Block and eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

LED Light Source

LED Laryngobloc® Light Block enables excellent visualisation of the pharyngeal structure for a safe endotracheal intubation.


No reprocessing expense thanks to the single use concept of Laryngobloc® Handpiece.
The waste management of the Laryngobloc® system is very economical:
- The single use Laryngobloc® Handpiece is cheaper to dispose of compared to disposable metal blades.
- The Laryngobloc® Light Block is powered with standard LR6 AA batteries tha  can be safely disposed according to local electronic waste requirements.

Laryngobloc® Product Range

Downloads and further informations

Catalogue:  Airway Management (PDF)

Brochure:  Laryngobloc® (PDF)

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