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Intubating laryngeal tube with drain tube

Up to 20% of all emergency intubations are estimated to be difficult to manage¹. Having the right system available is the cornerstone of effective airway management in an emergency. Airway algorithms recommend the usage of supraglottic airway devices (SAD) as options to overcome difficult scenario.


In order to prevent aspiration, the NAP4 report prescribes the use of devices with gastric access. The iLTS-D allows the possibility of an endotracheal intubation. SAD with intubating capability provide a way to reach a definitive airway (ET Tube placement).


As VBM´s 3rd generation SAD the iLTS-D compiles all essential features required to achieve and protect an airway:


Ventilation – wide airway section to optimise gas flow and low pressure cuffs to maximise sealing performance


Drain Tube – gastric access to permit the passage of a large gastric tube


Intubation – special design of ventilation lumen to enable fiberoptic insertion of an ET Tube




The design of the ventilation section optimises the gas flow and prevents airway obstruction from a downfolded epiglottis.
Thin walled cuffs guarantee a maximum airway leak pressure, even at a low cuff pressure (< 60 cmH2O).

Drain Access

The drain tube can accommodate a large gastric tube:

Size 2.5/3: max. 16 Fr

Size 4/5: max. 18 Fr


The iLTS-D secures the airway in emergency and enables fiberoptic placement of an ET Tube (with removable connector) without compromising patency of supraglottic ventilation.

Sizes 2.5/3: Standard ET Tube max. I.D. 6.5 mm

Sizes 4/5: Standard ET Tube max. I.D. 8.5 mm

Efficient sizing

The iLTS-D is the ideal solution to save space in emergency bags and crash carts. Only two sizes match all patients ≥ 125 cm.

Size 2.5/3: 125-155 cm

Size 4/5: ≥ 155 cm

ET Tube with Stabalizer

2 sizes of VBM ET Tube with Stabalizer are available I.D. 5.5 mm and I.D. 7.5 mm.
It's also possible to apply a standard ET tube.
Size 2.5/3: Standard ET Tube max. I.D. 6.5 mm
Size 4/5: Standard ET Tube max. I.D. 8.0 mm

Video iLTS-D 

The video shows the insertion and placement of the iLTS-D, followed by the tracheal intubation with
a fibreoptic bronchoscope (FOB) assistance and finally the removal of the iLTS-D.

Application Note for the ILTS-D

Excessive cuff pressure can lead to swelling of the tongue. Adjust the cuff pressure to max. 60 cmH2O via the VBM cuff pressure gauge.
Please note our Manufacturers Note Cuff Pressure Measurement in the download section below.

Downloads and further information

Youtube-Link:  iLTS-D

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