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Face Masks

We offer a large range of face masks with several types of materials and shapes. It covers all patient sizes from newborn to adult. There are two main product groups: reusable and disposable masks.


The Bi-Mask is unique in its design as it combines two materials: The color-coded plastic frame – embedded within the silicone – is flexible and offers the necessary stability. The soft and anatomically formed silicone adapts to the anatomy of the patient and acts as the optimal seal.


Bi-Mask with silicone lip

Silicone mask (reusable) with internal plastic shell (PSU). Available in 5 sizes.

PVC Face Mask with inflatable cushion

PVC Mask for single use. Available in 6 sizes.

Paediatric masks/Rendell Baker Masks

Silicon mask (reusable). Available in 3 or 4 sizes.

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