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VBM recommends Cuff Pressure Measurement

Dear user, 


the Laryngeal Tube is an established supraglottic airway device that has been implemented into various international practice guidelines. The Laryngeal Tube distinguishes itself through an effective, fast and straightforward handling to secure the airway – especially in case of emergency. It is the only supraglottic airway device with two high volume low pressure cuffs to ensure a reliable seal whilst at the same time being atraumatic to the mucosa. However, this is only the case if the correct cuff pressure is used.


VBM would like to stress the importance of cuff pressure measuring as it is described in the VBM instruction manual:


Excessive cuff pressure can lead to swelling of the tongue. If possible adjust the cuff pressure to max. 60 cmH2O via the VBM cuff pressure gauge.


Particularly in the prehospital setting, but also in routine use, it appears monitoring cuff pressure is being neglected for various reasons. This can lead to tongue swelling (Bernhard et al. 2014, Schalk et al. 2014) which can only be avoided by monitoring and adjusting cuff pressure (Schalk et al. 2015, Kriege et al. 2017). For this purpose VBM offers different cuff pressure gauges which reduce the risk of pressure necrosis and mucosal ischemia.


Moreover, assessing, controlling and monitoring the correct position and adequate ventilation of the Laryngeal Tube in the patient, should be integrated into the training of rescue personnel (cf. Bernhard et al. 2014).


If you have any questions regarding “cuff pressure”, please do not hesitate to contact us under cuffpressure@vbm-medical.de.



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