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Medical papers and publications

Laryngeal Tube LTS-D

Year Title Author Language
2020 Efficacy of Laryngeal Tube versus Bag Mask Ventilation by Inexperienced Providers Hart EN
2020 Definitive Airway Management of Patients with a King Laryngeal TubeTM in Place in the COVID-19 Pandemic Sandefur EN
2019 Conventional intubation and laryngeal tube in cervical spine instability: Changes in the width of the dural sac in unfixed human body donors Weilbacher EN / DE
2019 Präklinisches Atemwegsmanagement mit Larynxtubus oder Endotrachealtubus bei präklinischem Herz-Kreislauf-Stillstand Erath DE
2019 Impact of the laryngeal tube as supraglottic airway device on blood flow of the internal carotid artery in patients undergoing general anaesthesia Eismann EN
2019 Emergency Department Management of Out-of-Hospital Laryngeal Tubes Driver EN
2018 Effect of a Strategy of Initial Laryngeal Tube Insertion vs Endotracheal Intubation on 72-Hour Survival in Adults With Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Wang EN
2018 Performance and skill retention of five supraglottic airway devices for the pediatric difficult airway in a manikin Kulnig EN
2018 A comparison between the supreme laryngeal mask airway and the laryngeal tube suction during spontaneous ventilation:
A randomized prospective study
Somri EN
2018 Successful Endotracheal Tube Exchange for Laryngeal Tubes in the Emergency Department Driver EN
2018 Prognostic implications of preclinical airway management with laryngeal tube (LTS-D) or endotracheal tube in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients Erath EN
2018 Comparing the performance of the laryngeal tube suction with cuffed endotracheal tube during general anesthesia with controlled ventilation in elective surgeries: A prospective, block-randomized, single-blinded, parallel group trial  Khoshfetrat EN
2017 Endotracheal Intubation with the King Laryngeal Tube™ In Situ Using Video Laryngoscopy and a Bougie: A Retrospective Case Series and Cadaveric Crossover Study Dodd EN
2017 A randomised controlled trial comparing ProSeal laryngeal mask airway, i-gel and Laryngeal Tube Suction-D under general anaesthesia for elective surgical patients requiring controlled ventilation Das EN
2017 An assessment of ventilation and perfusion markers in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients receiving mechanical CPR with endotracheal or supraglottic airways Becker EN
2017 Spinal movement and dural sac compression during airway management in a cadaveric model with atlanto‑occipital instability Liao EN
2017 Laryngeal tube suction for airway management during in-hospital emergencies Mutlak EN
2017 Evaluation of the optimal cuff volume and cuff pressure of the revised laryngeal tube “LTS-D” in surgical patients Kriege EN
2017 A Case Report: Establishing a Definitive Airway in a Trauma Patient With a King Laryngeal Tube In Situ in the Presence of a Closed Head Injury and Difficult Airway: "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" Koumpan EN
2016 Laryngeal Tube Versus Videolaryngoscopic Intubation for Intensive Care Airway Management Training Groeben EN
2016 Evaluation of six different airway devices regarding regurgitation and pulmonary aspiration during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – A human cadaver pilot study Piegeler EN
2016 A randomized prospective controlled trial comparing the laryngeal tube suction disposable and the supreme laryngeal mask airway:
the influence of head and neck position on oropharyngeal seal pressure
Somri EN
2015 Einsatz des Larynxtubus durch Rettungsassistenten reduziert Unterbrechungen der Reanimation Lukas DE
2015 Evaluation of the optimal cuff volume and cuff pressure in the revised laryngeal tube LTS-D Kriege EN
2015 Schwieriger praeklinischer Atemweg und Bergung an der Rettungswinde Stein DE
2014 The laryngeal tube LTS-D: a quick and easy airway management device for prehospital emergency nurses. Gamelin EN
2013 Übernahme eines Patienten mit Larynxtubus aus der Präklinik Schalk DE
2013 Evaluation eines neuen Gurtretters zur maschinellen Beatmung im Wasser Lungwitz DE
2012 Umintubation mithilfe des C-MAC-Videolaryngoskops Schalk DE
2012 Ventilation with Laryngeal Mask Supreme and LTS-D is more efficent than with bag-valve-ventilation Gruber EN
2012 Implementation of the laryngeal tube for prehospital airway management : Training of 1,069 emergency physicians and paramedics Schalk EN
2011 LTS-D a stylet assisted insertion technique Schaeuble EN
2011 Comparison of prehospital insertion success rates and time to insertion between standard endotracheal intubation and a supraglottic airway Frascone EN
2011 Laryngeal Tube: a review of current literature Genzwuerker EN
2010 Wenn der Patient blau wird Semmel DE
2010 Disposable larnygeal tube suction: Standard insertion technique vs two modified insertion techniques for patients with a simulated difficult airway Schalk EN
2010 Airway control wearing antichemical protection gear: LTS-D compared with endotracheal intubation Gaitini EN
2010 Disposable Versus Reusable Laryngeal Tube Suction for Ventilation in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Amini EN
2009 Out-of-hospital airway management by paramedics and emergency physicians using laryngeal tubes  Schalk EN 
2009 Using the LTS-D reduces the No Flow Time in a single rescuer manikin study Wiese EN
2009 Comparison of the LTS-D, Combitube and ProSeal LMA in Adult Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery Cattano  EN 
2009 Praeklinisches Atemwegsmanagement mittels Larynx-Tubus durch Notaerzte & Rettungsassistenten Fausel  DE 
2009 Performance of the K-LTS-D in Out-of-Hospital Airway Management Homier  EN 
2009 Comparison of the Time of Insertion of Three Airway Devices Homier  EN 
2009 Atemwegsmanagement mit dem LTS-D waehrend der Reanimation Trauth  DE 
2008 Application of three airway devices during emergency medical training by health care providers - a manikin study. Trabold  EN 
2008 El tubo laríngeo Gaitini  ES 
2008 "No-flow-time"-Reduzierung durch Einsatz des Larynxtubus Wiese  DE 
2008 Influence of airway management strategy on "no-flow-time" during an "Advanced life support course" for intensive care nurses - A single rescuer resuscitation manikin study Wiese  EN 
2007 The LT as a dedicated airway: Which Fiberscope size can be passed through which LT? Genzwuerker  EN 
2007 A Randomized Comparison Of Two Insertion Techniques Performed By Novice Users Schalk  EN 
2007 Comparison of placement of the disposable Laryngeal tube suction and the reusable ProSeal Laryngeal mask airway Wrobel  EN 
2004 The randomized comparative study between the Laryngeal Tube Sonda Disposable and the Laryngeal Mask Airway Supreme Gaitini EN