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    Video animation: that's how the intubating LARYNgeal TUBe ILTS-D works 

    The iLTS-D compiles all essential features required to achieve and protect an airway: Ventilation, drain tube, intubation.

    Our video animation shows the features of the iLTS-D.

    new cataloGUe: Airway Management

    The number of products from the area of airway management increases constantly. One reason for us to present the complete product portfolio from this area in one catalogue. The new VBM Airway Management catalogue is now available and can be downloaded in our media section or here


    How to maintain airway patency during supraglottic ventilation and endotracheal intubation?

    The iLTS-D compiles all essential features required to achieve and protect an airway:

    1. Ventilation – wide airway section to optimise gas flow and low pressure cuffs to maximise sealing performance

    2. Drain Tube – gastric access to permit the passage of a large gastric tube

    3. Intubation – special design of ventilation lumen to enable fiberoptic insertion of an ET Tube

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    S-Guide – Malleable intubating guide for Difficult Airway Management

    The S-Guide offers 3 important features in one piece and unifies all the essential specifications that are usually split between introducers and stylets.

    1. The hollow lumen enables oxygenation after connection to an oxygen source. This is achieved via a specific O2 connector.

    2. The malleable segment has an appropriate stiffness to ease manoeuvrability. The marks indicate the position to shape the

    3. The preformed tip is soft to avoid trauma. The orange colour indicates the soft area of the tip.

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    The introduction of a gastric tube is often more difficult and time-consuming than other anesthetic procedures (intubation, IV access, etc.). The Gastric Tube Guide is the perfect tool for quick oral placement of gastric tubes. It is effective without complications. Click here for more information.